Writing Content

Writing Content

This is one of the most important part of building or developing a profitable business, this is because you need content to get people to your site and then potentially make sales.

To write content first you should do some research on the topic you chose early. I suggest typing the title or the keywords for the topic into your search engine to find similar articles.

The next step is to actually read a couple of the articles, maybe even read them a couple times to make sure you get the subject/topic your writing about.

Now its time to actually write it.

You should close the articles you researched so you don’t get tempted to copy them, and don’t forget you can always go back and reread them.

To write the article we found a great outline to go by.


The outline contains 3 essential elements.

1. Introduction

2. Support*

*Support is then divided into 3 paragraphs.

Support idea #1

Support idea #2

Support idea #3

3. Conclusion


When using the outline you want of course to start your introduction, and a good way to do this is by asking them a question. Like do you know the best way to get more email signups? or another good intro is by introducing yourself. Don’t forget to add your main keywords because google mostly looks at the first and last paragraph for keywords. Then what you want to do is to actually tell them the things they are going to learn by reading this.

The next paragraphs is your supporting paragraphs which are going to be the information of the subject you researched earlier and told them about in the intro. They don’t have to be just three paragraphs you can definitely add more but I don’t suggest having less than 3 supporting paragraphs, and remember a good blog is usually around 400-500 word or more

Last but not least is the conclusion and this is were you are going to summarize what  they just read in a sentence or two and then going to ask them to do something like sign up to your email list or look at your affiliate product review, or ask them to comment, and even tell them to buy your product or a affiliate product.

Before you move on you want to make your post look even better and to do this you want to add picture and we have a blog post dedicated to finding royalty free pictures and you can find that here.


Now you have written your post and your probably excited and are ready to publish right away, but before you do you should edit and make sure everthing sound and looks good.

The best way to edit what you wrote is to first take a Break

When you take a break and then go back to your writing your more likely to spot the mistakes like spelling, punctuation, ect

Another good editing technique is to Be The Audience

Pretend that you are a new reader and read the article and take notes and you want to get a good feeling and impression from reading the article. If you feel like you didn’t get those feeling take some notes on places that you can change to make people like the article more.

Read the Article Out load

By doing this you can really hear what sounds good and what doesn’t and then make changes.

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