Why I Use The Disqus Comment System


Whats up Guys! In this blog post i am going to tell you why i decided to use the disqus comment system instead of the usual WordPress comments system.

Hope you guys enjoy!

First lets talk about…

What is Disqus?

Disqus is a new comments system that WordPress websites can use instead of the ordinary and boring comments system.

So what does Disqus have that the WordPress comment system doesn’t?

One of my favorite parts is that they have a social login which the original comments system doesn’t have. What are the pros of disqus well there is a whole bunch…

1.Less Spam 

Because people have to login to one of their personal social media accounts to be able to comment. A lot of people get less spam to no spam at all with disqus because they have to login to comment.

2.Social Traffic 

When a person comments while signed in to one of their social media accounts a post or notification is put on their feed and people who follow them can see that they commented there, and they could come and see what post their friend commented on.

3.Easier for other people 

The original comments system made you fill out your name and email now you can just sign in and comment with no extra hassle.

Another thing i really like is that the design i think is a lot better the the original comment system. To me it just seems like a sleeker design.

Other features that i like:

Other comments- when you scroll all the way to the bottom of the comments their should be 4 different recent comments from 4 different posts. This is a cool because it can help make people stay on the site longer.

Vote comments- In disqus theirs a feature like on YouTube were you can vote up or down comments, so if their is a comment you like then vote it up.

Pics and links- I was amazed when i heard that theirs a comment system where you can easily add pics and links with your comments and disqus makes this possible and easy.

You can make money with disqus- when your in the disqus admin area you have the option to monetize your comments and what they do is on top of the comments is that they put related posts which link to advertisers related content and when people click on the related content you earn money. I personally don’t do this because i already have a related posts box with my own content.

So now you get why i use and suggest using disqus comments system and i think the best reason is that i get to read comments from our awesome community which is you guys.

Thanks for reading i hope you enjoyed see you next time!