What is better than Google AdSense’s?….

AdPress plugin
AdPress plugin

You ever wonder if there is anything better than AdSense’s or if there’s something that can make you more money. Well I have some very good news for you, there is something that is better than AdSense’s and that is AdPress and this is an amazing WordPress plugin.

AdPress is a plugin that allows you to sell your ad space to advertisers threw your website and you get to decide the price and how long the ad should stay there and how many views and clicks it should get.

How much does AdPress cost $39

If you want to see how the plugin looks, how to set it up, and what it does watch the video below.

Now your probably wondering how is this better than AdSense well lets first start by going over the pros and cons of the plugin.


  • Has a Ad Designer to preview how Ads will look like
  • Sell your Ads by duration, pageviews, or clicks
  • Image, Flash and Link Ads are accepted
  • Ad Rotation
  • Call to Action Ads
  • Includes PayPal Integration with Sandbox mode and refunds support
  • Clicks, Page-views and CTR analytics for each Ad
  • Analytics Chart
  • Auto-Approve or moderate Ads requests
  • Clients can add a message when purchasing Ads
  • Client Access manager
  • AdminBar notifications
  • Customizable Ad spots output (with HTML and CSS)
  • Purchase History
  • Import/Export and Reset plug-in
  • Internationalization
  • Detailed and well-written Help


  • You need advertisers to buy ad space
  • You need a good amount of website traffic

Detailed Features

Easy Setup

You can create your campaign in just a few clicks with the AdPress Ad Designer. Specify how you Ad will display, the Call To Action Ad, the sale contract…
Integrating your Ad Zone in your blog is quite simple. AdPress has widgets, short codes and function support.

Automated Selling

Clients sign-up and buy Ad Spots from their profile dashboard. Payment is naturally taken care of with Paypal. At the point when a client makes a buy, you are told in your dashboard, and you can acknowledge or reject their Ad.

PayPal refunds are additionally upheld as well.

Ad Analytic

Advertisement Stats are available for both the Admin and the customer who acquired the Ad. Adpress provides detailed analytics CTR, Averages and a pleasant outline.

History, Import/Export, Customization

Adpress records the historical backdrop of buys of every Ad. It additionally has an effective Import and Export feature which backs up all or a portion of your data to a back-up file.                      Adpress Ads can be completely altered. The created HTML and CSS code for the Ads can be transformed from the settings board.

Help and Support

AdPress comes with a very detailed help file. We also offer a very fast support (forum+emails). Expect a response from us in 24/48hours.

Adpress accompanies an extremely nitty gritty help document. They additionally offer a quick backing (forum+emails). Expect a response from them in 24/48hours.

Responsiveness Support

AdPress is not responsive out of the box, however, some themes have special support for AdPress. (Please note that responsiveness is supported only through widget placement for the moment).

Do I recommend this plugin Yes if you have a good flow of traffic and if you have potential advertisers.

Do you know of anything else better than AdSense or have any questions, put them in the comments below.

Our Rating

7 AdPress Rating