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The AdSense Secrets                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Overall Ranking: (76/100)
Price: $5
Owners: Joel Comm


Joel Comm is a New York Times Best Selling author who has taught thousand’s and had thousand’s read his books. A little background on Joel is years ago Joel created a website and signed up to AdSense like any other website owner who wants to make a little money but there was a problem he wasn’t happy with how much he was earning.

Only about 10% of people who have AdSense on there website actually make a nice income and the rest of the 90% don’t use AdSense correctly so they don’t earn as much.



So Joel wanted to be one of the 10%, so he found a way to make hundreds of dollars a day with AdSense now he is sharing it with everybody

He compacted his whole technique that he used to go from $30 dollars a day to $500 plus in just one eBook.

This eBook will really help you multiply your AdSense’s earnings and he updates the eBook frequently



  • Anybody can learn the technique
  • Kept updated
  • Lots of Examples
  • People are having real success with it


  • Kind of a long read


The AdSense Secrets is for people who really want to learn how to increase there income with AdSense and its for any type of person, beginner, intermediate, and advanced anybody can learn and have success with it.

It is not for people who aren’t serious about making money online


The whole eBook is awesome he goes over what adsense is, how to use it for games, videos, content and way more. By buying it you also get two free extra eBooks that are also pretty useful one of them is called social poetry and it is about photoquote power and he gives his own commentary about each photoquote. The second eBook which I think is the better one is called So, What Do You Do? it is a look into 46 geniuses from all around the united states of America, and it tells you about what they do for a living.

In this eBook your going to learn some amazing things like

  • What to do before you get AdSense
  • How to design a website from scratch
  • How to get tons of quality traffic
  • how to build content
  • How to claim a huge slice of the Multi billion dollar AdSense cake

Here are some of my favorite chapters from is book

  • Designing a site from scratch
  • AdSense for content
  • Growing your business: turning your content site into a content hub
  • Building Content- The key to a profitable AdSense website
  • Getting traffic to your site
  • and so much more 30 pages of awesomeness


The price is not bad at all it is $5 dollars and I can tell you that it is defiantly worth every penny

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My final thoughts on The AdSense Secrets is that I highly recommend getting this eBook especially if you are looking to make a income directly from home than this will help you greatly. if you are still on the fence about getting this book than go to his website and check out his video about The AdSense Secrets it is very informative, but if you want to get it now than click the button below, hope you liked this review have a great day!



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7 The AdSense Secrets