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Overall Rating (90/100)


There is thousands on thousands of eBay and amazon sellers and some of them break their beaks to just try and find products in stores or in their house to try to sell for more, but they are forgetting about something that can make everything so much easier for them and even earn them way more profit. What did they miss? Before I answerer this question I wanted to say that this is an honest review of how I am using this program and what I thought about it.


So what are they missing, well they are missing out on a huge opportunity which is buying wholesale and selling it on amazon, eBay, or even their own website.

This is where salehoo comes in, salehoo is a quality wholesale directory where you can find over 8,000 drop shipping and product wholesalers for over 1.6 million different types of products. From clothes to electronics salehoo has it.

So is SaleHoo a scam?

There is over a 100,000 customers that use salehoo and they love it and most of them if not all use it to make money selling all sorts of wholesale products.

Can you make a profit with SaleHoo?

SaleHoo is armed and ready with tools that help you find the best products to make lots of profit with.

Now your job after finding the products you want to sell is to add them to eBay, or amazon, or even create your own store and then start promoting them and make sales.

How much does SaleHoo cost?

Below I have listed salehoos price, they have 2 different prices and there for different types of accounts.

The first price is for the product sourcing and drop shipping directory

  • The price for this is $67 a year

What this membership includes is….

  • Access to 1.6 million products from 8,000 different trusted suppliers
  • Tools to help grow your profit
  • Training courses ad guides
  • A member forum and an awesome email support team
  • One of the best pros is the 60 day money back guarantee

The other membership is for people who want to build their own store website with salehoo.

The online store builder by salehoo

  • Costs between $27 a month to $97 a month
  • Have up to 200 to unlimited number of products on your site
  • and way more features

You can compare their pricing plans here

Pros of having a SaleHoo Membership

Over a million products

Electronics, clothing and so much more and their is so many products for every category you can think about.

Helpful and Amazing support

I remember asking the support, who were the best suppliers for men’s clothing and they not only gave me a list of their best sellers in men’s clothing they gave me some helpful tips on how to sell and get more sales for this type of niche

Fair price

For $67 a year you get access to an arsenal of wholesale products, you can literally take your eBay or amazon business to the next level, especially since there is lots of drop shipping suppliers so you don’t even have to ship the product your selling.

Legitimate Suppliers

SaleHoo has this amazing process to make sure that their suppliers aren’t scammers and actually ship out their products and salehoo makes sure the supplier does everything they said they would.

A huge profit potential

SaleHoo wont take a percentage or a fee of anything you make selling there wholesale products. You get to keep a 100% they don’t care if you earn a $100, $500, $1000, or even $100,000 because you get to keep everything you make. There’s people selling all kinds of things using salehoo and they are making lots of profit and salehoo doesn’t take any thing away now isn’t that great.

Their training

There training is there to help you find the best suppliers for what you need , they also have training to help you get more sales.

Their tools

They created the best tools to help you sell way more and earn a lot more profit.

60 Day

They have a 60 day money back guarantee, salehoo only costs $67 a year and they also give you 2 months or sixty days to decide if you really like and want to stay and keep using salehoo.

Cons of SaleHoo

Search Capabilities

In salehoo they don’t allow you to search for suppliers by locations, so you have to search to find suppliers from the united states

Final thoughts

I do recommend salehoo because if you take the time into finding the right supplier and making your store or putting the products up on eBay or amazon you can really succeed and make a good amount of money.



Our Rating

9 SaleHoo