Project Payday Review


Project Payday                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Overall Ranking: 53/100
Price: Varies


When I found out about project payday it intrigued me but to sign up they make you do this whole cpa which is cost per action to get membership. So to get membership you had to complete an offer from a company which you have to give you credit card info to, if you want a pro membership you have to do two offers. To make money with project payday you have 2 different options


Option 1 has you do cost per action offers which has you find leads for there business which is cool but a lot of the CPA offers make you give them your credit card info, its like doing lots of CPA offers daily and giving them all your credit card info it doesn’t sound that appealing so what is the other option you ask…


Option 2 is referring people to project payday the only problem is that they also have to do those CPA offer’s to get a membership and a lot of people don’t like doing those cause they have to give there credit card out.

Then why was project payday such a big thing?

Well people found out they can make a lot more money by referring people and making them do the CPA offers and that’s all and cool but the people that you refer most likely not find project payday useful, and wont want to refer people.



  • Has some trainings


  • Makes you do CPAs to gain access
  • Bad support
  • Has you give your credit card out
  • Trainings aren’t the best


Project payday is for people who don’t mind giving out there credit card info to third party businesses to earn some money, it is also for people who want to refer people to project payday to do CPA offers.


There’s a couple training videos but nothing really useful


I have had any experience with their support but by the looks I don’t think there support isn’t that good.


The price for project payday varies since they make you do CPA offers to gain membership


I don’t really recommend project payday because I am not comfortable with giving out my credit card info and I wouldn’t want to promote this because its not a well put together program and theres not a lot of money to be made with it.

If you want to see the program I use to earn my full time income than check it out here.

Our Rating

5 Project Payday