Pretty Link Review


Pretty link is one of the best free plugins out there and you’ll see why i say this later in the post.

First let me tell you who its for and what pretty link is

I think bloggers and especially affiliate marketers will find use of this plugin because one of the main features pretty link offers is the ability to shorten or cloak any link including affiliate links with your domain name so it looks like your linking to another page on your website.

What you can do with pretty link if your a affiliate marketer

Well there is a lot of things you can do with pretty links such as cloaking your affiliate links and when people click on your cloaked link they get redirected to your affiliate link. This is also cool if you do video or podcasts and want to advertise a affiliate link then you can just say the shorten and cloaked version that pretty link creates for you instead of you saying a really long link.

Another cool thing is that pretty link allows you to have a 307 redirect type and what this is, is its a temporary link and what this means is if your affiliate link changes instead of searching through each post to find and changed the old link to the new one you can just change the link in pretty link and then pretty link changes all of the original links to the new affiliate link.

What else can pretty links do?

Pretty links also allows you to see how many clicks you get on each link and it also gives you a full detailed report and also allows you to see the IP of the people who clicked your link.

I personally highly recommend pretty links and i seriously think that you will also find this plugin highly useful, you can check it out here and download the free version.