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A niche is a fancy marketing term that pretty much means category’s like electronics, a baseball team, etc.

How to choose a niche

When you choose a niche you should be familiar with and that you like. Like if you like basketball than you would pick the niche basketball, but that is to broad so you would want to pick your favorite team and that may still be to broad so you might have to pick your favorite player.

Check out this video below to see a walkthrough of how to find a profitable niche




Make profit from your passion

Whatever your passion is you can make money off of it, this is one of the reasons I made this site so you can make a career doing something you like so whatever your passion it is most definitely going to be profitable because there’s 100s maybe even 1000s of other people who are passionate about the same thing and those people are going to be your targeted market,  in the next lessons we will be showing you how to make money with your passion by reaching that targeted market.

Some profitable niches are


Video games





Literally anything can be a niche

Like I said before don’t pick a niche that is to broad maybe pick a specific niche in that category like if you pick computers maybe pick a type of brand of computers.

The reason why I say you should pick a niche that you are passionate for and care about is because if you don’t know anything about that niche than you cant write about for your website and that targeted market wont think you know what your talking about and you wont be able to make a profit off of it.

Is all niches profitable? 

Yes but only if you know what your talking about and actually have experience within that niche if you have any questions make sure you comment below or contact me here.

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