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I love keywords without them you probably wouldn’t be on this page, how’s that you ask well let me tell you why keywords are so important especially in our type of business. Keyword’s are important because when you write articles and pages you are writing for keywords like on this post I am writing for the jaaxy review keyword.

If we didn’t have keywords it would be hard to find the pages you want to find when searching in google that is because google indexes your pages and ranks your page by the quality of your article for that keyword and the words you search for in search engine such as google those are also keywords.

An example if you searched for jaaxy review and one of the search results was my page, that is because I wrote a page using the jaaxy review keyword

Now for the real question what is jaaxy?

It is one of the best keyword search tools you will find on the internet

Why do I say this?

I say this because this is like my secret weapon because it helps me get more quality traffic and ranked higher on google and when you get more traffic and ranked higher you make more money.

How does jaaxy works?

Jaaxy works like this you first you want to create a free account and you can do that here, but the keyword tool itself works like this you want to search for a keyword or your post title you want to write and then search and a list of keywords should appear

An example I searched for Samsung 4k tvs and below is one of the keywords that was a result




Jaaxy is also a good content brainstorming tool because some of the keywords can give you a post idea like the keyword above if I was in the TV niche I could use this keyword to write a post about if Stanmore marshall speakers are compatible with Samsung 4k tvs, why would I use these keywords well because if you look this keyword has no competition. why does this matter? well if you wrote a post about this topic you would automatically be ranked on page 1 and there’s about 10 people who search that in their search engine monthly so if you wrote a post about this you could automatically have 10 different people come to your site every month automatically.

Another cool thing you can do with jaaxy is see if the domain for that keyword is available this is really good if your into the domain flipping business.

Some things you should know before using jaaxy

You should know what the following terms mean

Avg: the average amount of searches the keyword gets per month

Traffic: Visits to your website if you receive first page on googles search results for that keyword

QSR: The number of competing websites (the lower the better chances of getting ranked higher)

KQI: Keyword Quality Indicator Green = Great Yellow = Ok Red = Poor

SEO: A score based on the traffic and competition the higher the better

Domains: Are the domains that are available for that particular keyword


Finding Money Making Keywords is easier

Keyword is the best thing to take your time and do because the more success you have with keywords the more targeted traffic you gat and the more targeted traffic you get the more money you make  from ads, affiliate products, and your own product’s.

Some tips to finding Money Making keywords

Find keywords with less than 300 competition (QSR)

Don’t go for high traffic and high completion keywords

Find keywords with a 70 and higher SEO score

Go for keywords that are green and sometimes go for ones that are yellow


One of the many perks of using jaaxy is that when you search for keywords you can see if there are any domains available for that keyword. This is great if you want to build a site under a certain keyword or if you want to start reselling domains which is a huge business and a lot of people have success with domain flipping, which is when you buy a domain and than sell it for more than what you paid for it.

Grow you business & brand

If you invest your time into finding keywords for your website than you most definitely will grow you business, how is this you may ask well like I said before you usually get a certain amount of traffic from a keyword you write for so that means more targeted traffic and visitors. When you get more visitors and people start coming back people will remember your website and become part of your community. This is very useful fort business owners because they can write posts for a bunch of different keywords and get lots of targeted traffic and then they would get ranked higher and start making more sales.


Jaaxy Enterprise Review


Jaaxy Plans

So your interested in jaaxy right well let me tell you about there different pricing plans they have three different ones but they also have a free trial were if you sign up through my link you will get 30 free keyword searches.

There 3 price plans go like this

Free– you get 30 free keyword searches without keyword competition, only 5 keyword search results, no domain check

Premium– unlimited keyword searches with 2 times the speed, 15 results for the keyword search, able to have 2 different search tabs

Enterprise– everything listed above plus instant domain availability, 5 times the search speed, data sorting, up to 5 different search tabs, and up to 50 keyword search results and much more



Our Rating

9 Jaaxy: Keyword Tool