How To Write Amazing Winning Headlines


What makes an article get tons of traffic and views, well ill tell you a main part of it is the heading,  if your heading isn’t amazing or attractive people will think your article isn’t good and you wont get as much traffic as you could if you had an amazing heading.

Learning How to write amazing headlines isn’t really that hard at all, its actually quite easy especially if you know what grabs the peoples attention and makes them want to read the rest of what you wrote.

The tips below are definitely going to be very helpful, and implementing them in your headlines will surely boost your traffic to your website.

Whether it’s for a article, sales page, or your website content, it’s vital that your headlines or headings are eye catching, interesting, and contain that something that makes people want to stay to read the rest.


How to write headlines

Explain what you have to offer through curiosity

Many people are able to write powerful sales pages because their headlines grab people by the gut.

For those make money online products or programs, they always try to add the hook “Find out how mark made $1000 online from home”.

This is how curiosity works, and if you can push some small little buttons on the headline, you can expect for your readers to climb down the article.

Curiosity is what makes people want to read the rest of your post, article, or sales page, so keep the heading as interesting and attractive as possible.


Numbers are great because it attracts people who want multiple things on one subject like 20 ways to make money online or 15 best plugins for bloggers, its attractive isn’t.


Use a HOW TO Headline

A How To headline or title for an article or blog post shows the reader that he or she is going to learn something.

Many people search how to online because they want to learn something, and if you provide them with an interesting headline with these two words, it’ll make people want to actually read the rest of your article or the blog post.

Use words like Free and Effortless

These words are attractive  to lots of people because everyone loves free things

here are some example headings

an effortless way to build an email list

free ways to advertise

Headlines are very important to write because a good headline can help you get that next 100 visitors. They have to be creative, attractive, and they also need to be spelled correctly free.

The headline is what catches people attention and what makes them want to click on your article and read it, and it’s what makes you look like a real professional to your visitors.

How do you write your headlines? Tell me in the comments!