How to Write a Review Page

How to Write a Review Page

Writing A Review Page

When you create a website and have an affiliate program you want to promote the program, the best way to do this is to write a review page for the affiliate program. To write a review page the first thing you want to do is to look at other people review page. This is good way to create a amazing converting review page because you can see what other successful affiliates are doing.

What I suggest you should do…

Create a Video

When you have a video you end up converting more people than if you had just text.

To create a video the first step you need to take is make a script for it.

The next step is to plan what you going to do, like if your going to record your computer screen it may be a good idea to practice what you are going to do.

Buy a good microphone to record your voice

Get a screen recorder, there is a free screen recorder called

The next step is to get an editing software so you can make the video look cool and appealing.

Shoot the video

Now you have the script and now what to do, its time to actually make the video

Start up your screen recorder and start recording, make sure your microphone sounds good. The next step is to just start, I suggest to try to stick to the script and if you mess up while recording just keep going because you are going to make at least 3 videos and when you edit you can take the best of your takes and make a good sounding video.

Edit the video

When editing you want to remove the parts you messed up in one video and take the same part from another take you did that you didn’t mess up, that’s why you make more than one video. Make sure you add some cool special effects to make it look a 100 times better.



Why do you have to write when you have a video you ask. That’s because some people don’t like watching a short video and like to read, also it gives you a chance to give more info and chances to make a sale.

To write a review for your affiliate program you are promoting I found a cool outline to go by.

1. Introduction (Give them a little info about you and how much the product or program helped you)
2. How (product name) works
3. My thoughts on (product name)
4. What others think about (product name)
5. Pros and Cons
6. Conclusion
7. Where to Buy (Product Name)


Here is another outline but either one works well.


Overall Ranking: {rank goes here] Price: {price of product(s) go here}
Owners: {owner names}
Website: {website URL}


{Information about the product goes here}


{A list of the pros/cons of the product}


{Who benefits from this product? Is it a good program for beginners/intermediate/advanced?}


{what is included with the product in respect to training and tools}


{does the product offer quality and timely support? Can you contact the owner directly?}


{How much does the product costs? Are their several price points?}


{A final synopsis along with your recommendation }

Resource for this outline

Make sure you add some graphics and attractive pics, and remember to edit and make sure it sounds good.

How do you write your review pages. Tell us in the comments!