How to Design a Flyer


Flyers are one of the very best ways to visually communicate an idea across in order to advertise either a specific product or event. They are documents which work in a persuasive way with it’s sole purpose to aimed to get a particular audience to act on it’s message. Knowing how to get a flyer designed is vital to any business because of how much they can impact consumers because one single design can reach thousands of different people.


A flyer that has been properly designed can catch a lot of attention and can sometimes gather a buzz around it. If a good designed flyer can do one thing, it can get members of a target audience to get engaged in the message and it can produce some serious results.


Create a Poignant Headline


For the most part, try to make the headline no more extensive than five words long. Try and fit in a line that stretches across the page and center it perfectly. The lettering on the headline must always be larger than any other font size on the entire flyer. The ultimate goal is to have people be enabled to read the headline quickly and be read at a distance of about 10 feet.


Remember to always use capital letters and you can also have the font in any style but make sure it is not done in the serif form. If you examine the headline of a newspaper, you will notice that they never use serif. Try and use color text for the headline if you can and if you can get the color of the text to match the color of the image in which you will be using is always a plus.


The Message Should Be Simple


Whatever you do, never make anybody read your flyer, the message really needs to come off in a very simplistic and down-to-earth style. Try and think about the various headlines in the past that got your attention. Be clear, concise, bold and once again, simple, you will retain the vitality that the message needs to get the amount of attention you are looking for.


Adding the Graphic or Image


With a great headline, you more than likely have got the reader’s attention, so now would be a fantastic time to utilize their attention by providing them with something to look at. It is a known fact that people will always remember what a message has stated when there is a quality picture associated with it.


In order to increase the contrast of the image, utilize an image-editing app. This will increasingly help get the image adequately noticed from greater distances once it has been added to paper. In the event that you don’t own an image editor, there are really handy apps such as Picasa on Google that should do the trick for you. Make a point of centering the picture as good as you can and keep the size of the picture somewhere around ⅓ of the page’s size.


If you can help from it, try to stick with just one image, too many images can create an unwanted distraction. If you feel it really needs to have two images, than always put the two images side-by-side.


The Description


Now that you have the readers attention, make the message detailed yet straight-forward and no more than 2-3 lines at the very most. If you have particular keywords that you would like to use, always place them in capital form to accentuate them. Even fonts that are bold, italic would work great as well but try to avoid using all of these options because it is simple overkill. Utilize different phrases and words that will benefit your offer and make it seem more appealing like “free” “reward” and “reliable”.


Contact Info


It is an obvious that you would like people to reach out to you for whatever you are offering. Always make sure to apply good contact info like name, number, and email address.


Another way to do it would be to use the “tear-off” style. Develop a version of your flyer that is condensed and has a font that is much smaller, than rotated in the ballpark of about 90 degrees or so. Repeat the text several times across the entire bottom of the flyer. Create a cut that is between each of the miniature copies so people will have the ability to tear them off with ease.


Make Certain that Your Flyer is Effective


Test out your flyer by taping it on a door and then stand approximately about 10 ft back. Do the key points of the Flyer jump out at you and make total sense? If you can get the message right away then you have done your job properly.


Produce Copies


If your flyer is good to go, print out as many copies as you feel necessary. If you feel that there may be too much wear-and-tear on your printer due to excessive copies, try using a Kinko’s or Fedex store for printers that were built for more commercial use.


Black-and-white copies are typically cheaper than color and if you do end up choosing black-and-white for your flyer, print the headlines part and where their are colored words on the master copy, leave them blank.


Where to Post


So, the question now is where do you post your flier? What is the target audience you are looking to reach? If you have lost a pet, always post the flyers near your home. Maybe you have lost an item? Post the flier in the same spot that you lost the particular item.


Keep in mind that busier areas, such as metropolitan areas, have rules regarding how and where you post flyers. Never test the regulations and the law. Public bulletin boards work really great, coffee shops and locations which are similar are the best places to do as such.


Power in the Flyer


Learning how to get a flier designed the right way to where it is inevitably effective can work wonders for you main purpose. Whatever message you are trying to get across to the public will affect them and stay in their memory if when you know what you are doing.


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