How to Advertise on a Podcast and the Ads Potential


Blogs have become a pivotal aspect within the landscape of the internet but for some reason or another, advertisers took awhile to jump on the bandwagon. Just like blogs, podcasting has taken the internet and the ad world by storm, attracting everyone from the small business to the international corporation. As many as $80 million dollars had been spent by Marketers as early as 2006, looking to get a piece of the pie. Nowadays, that number has jumped up near $400 million dollars on a yearly basis. So, the question is, how to advertise on podcast?


Valuable Space


Very similar in the regards to their terms, selling valuable advertising space on podcasts is roughly about the same as it is selling space on a website. It of course is different than selling space on your website, such as paying-per-click banners, however, podcast which are considered simple can easily be inserted into a particular podcast and then left for quite a while.


Thanks to the advancement in technology, new advertising ideas for the podcast are consistently being considered. Many of the various podcast will most likely not have any sort of immediate use for these technology advancements due to the need to keep a sense of control over the ads that are placed.


But, as it were, selling ad space on podcast can actually be quite lucrative, mainly because podcast are totally free of charge to operate. What this revenue does is it helps immensely towards the cost of production and because of that, you can have a greater ability to develop better content for a podcast.


Placing a Commercial


It is always a really good idea to keep a limitation on the commercials that are used and how you specifically place them is very important. There are some podcasters who will pace an ad right at the very beginning of a podcast, some choose the middle and then there are those who favor the very end of the podcast.


Always try and make a point of never annoying the commercial with constant commercials, one after the other. If you happen to be creating podcast that fall somewhere in the 3-5 minute range, there certainly won’t be any sort of listener who will favor hearing a barrage of commercials coming at them.


Many experts within the field have noted that placing an ad at the very beginning of a podcast isn’t the wisest thing to do. They have made remarks that have suggested that when an ad opens up a program, it can take away from the initial excitement of what a podcast is trying to build.


If you keep the commercial’s duration of time at a minimum and the placement scant, you will be showing all of your listeners that they are the ones who come first. When your podcast is rampant with commercials, it will no doubt detract from all the hard work that you put into the podcast. Adding two-minute commercials like a radio broadcast is the very last thing you would like to do for a podcast.


The Audience


One of the more popular forms of advertisers are auto companies, like Honda, Ford, Toyota and such. The vast majority of all of the podcast most likely will not be able to gain these type of advertisers, the thing to do would be to target the advertisers who may listen to your program. If you adequately examine the type and theme of podcast that you are releasing, you will then get a better idea of what type of advertisers will be wanting to place ads.


You will also get a better sense of what your prospective audience will likely be and advertisers always would like to know beforehand how many listeners you think that you will be getting.


Rates for the Ads


The actual value of the podcast is really hard to determine between the podcasters and the advertisers. There is just no way that kind of information can be realized in the early goings of a podcast. There are websites that will help provide potential podcasters with a more certain idea of how many listeners that they may be able to bring in.




One of the more interesting alternatives to the standard advertiser is the sponsor. A teenage girl had been sponsored by Georgia-Pacific for her teen parenting podcast and ended up with a whopping six-figure contract with the corporation. She went on to get sponsorships from Nature’s Cure and


The podcaster will typically mention the particular sponsor at some point of the podcast. Whatever a podcaster does, never undervalue the potential that a sponsorship has for a podcast. Several podcasters have landed great success by employing a good sponsor and selling some of the advertising space on the podcast for extra measure.


Regardless of how a person ends up pursuing the various forms of advertising for their podcast, always make a point of assuring that your content will never hurt because of it. If you don’t, you will probably not gain any real listening audience and if you don’t gain a decent audience, you won’t end up with any advertisers.


The Future Looks Bright


With the massive growth in modern media and the positive outlook of how much social media has impacted the world of advertising, special opportunities are being presented by those who seek them. There is an immense power that is forming with how the public is perceiving podcast and the podcaster’s ability to spread their message out to the masses who listen on a daily basis.


Messages are heard significantly more quickly and efficiently than they ever been and there is no question regarding the economics of podcast and the type of overhead that one can earn when done properly.


Advertising Creates Good Content


At the pace that digital media is moving at, there are thousands of new podcast popping up all of the time. With a new program comes new listeners and because of that, wonderful content is finally being revealed and who knows where it will go from here and how massive it will get. When you know how to advertise on podcast, you will not only contribute to the world but you will contribute to yourself.