How to Advertise On A Newspaper



One in every four people in the United States read newspapers. What is even more interesting is that more than half of people who read newspapers from the United States do so on digital platforms. The number of people reading physical newspapers is dwindling by the minute, this is because 89% of newspaper readers are aged between 18-49 years. Anybody falling within that age bracket is categorized as the “dot com” generation where everything is paperless and done online.

Any successful newspaper advertiser will tell you that in order to see results from advertising on newspapers, then you must know what your readers want and have the statistics with you while architecting your adverts.

Most online businesses and small businesses prefer advertising on newspapers because it was a newspaper agent that gave them the first call and not because they understand the power and dynamics involved with newspaper advertising.

Advertising on a newspaper just like any other forms of advertising is an art that requires bit by bit planning, researching, budgeting, scripting, copyrighting, casting, implementation, monitoring and the ultimate monitoring. Print media is overly persuasive and more memorable to the readers compared to other forms of advertising, hence its popularity.

The trick with print media advertising is to have quality content. Content that will stick on your readers’ mind. Something that they see when they wake up and when they retire to bed. Let your advert achieve its purpose, if you aim to be funny, go for it. If you want to be somber or scary then get a creative cast, one that will not only scare your readers but also drive the message home. I mean that is the point right? However, don’t carried away. We are trying to be popular and make money in the process not drown ourselves in casting and forget our objectives.

Hence the million dollar question: How can you successfully advertise on a newspaper? How do you get it right? By getting it right I mean increasing your sales through persuading your customers to buy from you not increase your prices.


In this section, we are going to focus solely on the print media advertising tripod which is made up of three aspects namely content, format, and dimension.


This is the most important aspect of the print media advertising tripod. If you want to come up with a good advert, then most of your time and resources should be spent on this section. Content refers to the headline and the theme or the central message that you wish to pass on to your audience.

However, I would like to caution you that the message should be passed across in the most creative and careful manner. Why do I say this? Because newspaper readers are egocentric. If it is not funny or interesting then you can count on a newspaper reader to move to the next page! Hence, more creativity and professionalism is required for the content aspect of advertising.

You should especially be keen with the headline or the introductory words to your advert. It should be catchy and very interesting. That way you are assured that somebody will spend their time reading the advert. When it comes to the actual advert, newspaper readers don’t want to see clients enjoying your products! Like I said, newspaper readers are egocentric. All they want is for you to create a utopia for them which will make them long for and want your product. Make them want not hate it. For example, if a newspaper reader flips over a page and sees somebody carrying a McDonald’s product, they will automatically know that it’s a McDonald’s advert hence no need to even look at it. Not because it’s from McDonald’s but just because it’s an advert. The smart thing to do is create an amazing advert filled with the theme colors of the organization sponsoring the advert then position their logo at the bottom of the advert, that way, any newspaper reader will actually spend their time reading it and consider buying a product from the organization.


Format refers to the appearance of the advert. What is positioned where? Where does the logo go? What comes first? What comes last? What colors are to be used on what section? What is never to appear where? Basically, once you have answered the questions stated above then you have sorted all problems associated with format.

In the format section, the trick is to use as many illustrations as possible but in their simplest forms. Remember, this is newspaper advert not a television commercial. If you have to use photographs of either nature or human cast then try and focus the attention on less than three people. The script should be elaborate enough to create a simple and mature storyline that delivers the point home.

The theme colors of the organization should be evident on the advert. They can either be the color of the props or edited to be visible on the advert so as to be able to be used as an identity of the organization sponsoring the advert.


Dimensions involve things to do special shapes of the advert or special shapes to be included in the advert, the height of the advert, and the width of the advert. It also concerns which adverts are preferred by the readers because of their measurable properties and placement.

Another interesting observation with newspaper readers is that they will ignore conspicuous adverts because they associate those with multibillion dollar organizations that are only advertising because of public relations and because they want inform their customers of anything that is beneficial to them.

Instead of putting up full-page adverts, I would recommend that you put up three-quarters or less of an advert. This is because newspaper readers will be looking for specials and discounts on small adverts and not on conspicuous adverts.

In addition, it is recommendable to use a simple advertising lay out and employ the services of a thin double line margins so that you leave maximum space for your advert. Also, once you pick a certain font for your advert, maintain the same font till you complete the advert. Changing fonts makes your work look amateur and unprofessional.


Advertising on newspaper is demanding but has a guarantee of results. That is one of its upsides. We cannot forget how economical and pocket friendly it is especially for small businesses that are either just starting out and are looking to tap into a wider market or just any other business that is not enjoying results from the forms of advertising.

I would advise anybody thinking of using print media advertising not to fear, go ahead and try it because it is one of the most profitable forms of advertising.