How Does Affiliate Marketing Work


So you want to know what Affiliate Marketing is well before I tell you, I should warn you that once I tell you, you may want to run off and start your own business and start making money.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is how I have been making money on the internet, it is literally the best business you can get into in todays world. Affiliate Marketing is when a business or company has a product or program that you may or may not of used but that company could have an affiliate program and anybody really can sign up for the program, but usually when you sign up they give you a URL or Link but this isn’t an ordinary link this link when someone clicks on it and buys the product from that company through your link then you will make a commission.

So what is Affiliate marketing.

Well Affiliate marketing is when you the affiliate takes your link and advertises it to the world in hope people will click on it and buy the companys product so you can make a commission.

If you don’t know what a commission is, it is when you get a piece of the sale so if you promoted a product for a company and the product cost $60 and they only give 25 percent¬†commissions that means you would get $15 of the sale.

An Affiliate Network

A affiliate network is a company or business that has lots and lots of affiliate products, that affiliate marketers can choose to promote. The website clickbank is an affiliate network that anybody can become a member and promote the products on there, the commissions are usually between 50 and 75 percent, this is a good way to find products and programs to promote in your niche and on your website.

Pay Per Click

Is very profitable and useful to lots of affiliate marketers because you only pay for when people click on your advertisement and if you set it up right you can make a lot of money using pay per click.

A place to set up and make pay per click ads a good place to go is to Googles Ad Words

*I do not recommend people who are just getting into affiliate marketing to spend money on pay per click because you need to have a well made website and have quality content on their website.


If you didn’t know amazon has their own affiliate program and this is great because now you can promote all kinds of different products in your niche have they also have a pretty good commissions for the products you choose to promote on your website.

How do you get paid

It really depends on the company or business that you are an affiliate for, I know click bank you can choose between a direct bank transfer or a check I the mail, but other programs I have seen paid there affiliates through PayPal and some which I see rarely pay with gift cards to stores or event money to there store, but again I rarely see those types of payouts.

Now that you now a little bit about how affiliate marketing works maybe now you want to take it a step further and actually build your site, you can have your website up and running in 30 seconds click here to build your free website and you will also get 10 free courses to further make your website and help kick start your online business and start making money at the peace of your own home.