Getting Started

Before we get into talking about what is the best hosting company to choose we are going to talk about what you should know before getting started the first thing you should know is what affiliate marketing is and the second thing you should know is why affiliate marketing is the best type of business to start in this day and age. Affiliate marketing is when a company or product offers a affiliate marketing program that you can sign up for and then promote that program or product with the specific link that they give you for your affiliate program account and once you make a sale through that link you earn a commission from making that sale. Now the second thing you should know is why affiliate marketing is the best type of business to start in this day and age. It is the best to start, the first reason is because there is no risk, you don’t have to buy your own merchandise to sell, you don’t have to create a huge product, and you definitely don’t have to invest $1000s of dollars to see a profit. The next reason is that you can do this business directly from home, the coffee shop, literally anywhere. The best reason is that it is very profitable. Now lets start the course!   hosting


So before you start your affiliate marketing business you need to find the best hosting company for your website, so below we are going to tell you about some of the best hosting company’s and what you should be looking for in a host. Here’s a list of things you should look for in a host Security – security is one of the most important thing for your website especially since the internet keeps getting bigger and more people are using it and there’s lots of hackers, now I don’t want the word hackers to scare you but when your looking for a host you want to look at what they do for security for your websites. Backups – When you look for a host you should find a host that does automatic backups this is because if something happens to your website your host can fix it. Support – This is a big thing, support should be a big one for you because if you have any problems or questions the host you choose should have a nice support. What is dedicated servers? Dedicated servers are servers that only your website runs on, you should not want to get one of these if your just starting out because they are mostly for websites that get a lot of visitors and use a lot of disk space and bandwidth.   hosting

Hosting Company’s We Suggest

Free hosting? When you think of free hosting you think it probably wont be one of the best options for my website, and your mostly correct about that because most websites that offer free hosting put ads on your website, it isn’t that secure, and it slows down your site. Now that is most free hosting websites when I built my business I found this great website that helped me in every aspect of my online business, you may of heard recommend  this website before, this is because it is so good. The site is called…. Wealthy Affiliate This is the hosting company I use to host all my websites and best part is there not just a hosting company they also are a huge training site for affiliates. Wealthy Affiliate is so damn good because… They let you host up to 25 websites They have the best support They give you 2 free websites and domains to start out with They have amazing security They automatically backup your site They also have 1000s of tutorials, trainings on how to build and make money with your site (check out my full review of this site here)



Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a domain is very important and is usually done when you know what niche your website is going to be about. How to find a domain name Usually most hosting company’s sell domain names also, and what I like to do is open domain stores websites in different tabs in my browser and then I search for the domain name I want and the one with the best price is the one I buy. Another thing you can do is search the internet and try to find coupon codes for the store of your choice for an even cheaper domain name. What your domain name should be? When creating a website a domain name is a huge part of your website so you want a good sounding one. Like I have this is because it represents the meaning of my site and it also sounds good, so you want to pick a domain similar to the meaning of your site. A trick I use If a domain name you want is to expensive or not available this trick could help you big time. The trick works like this when you search for it on the domain store website add a – symbol somewhere you want in your domain name most likely the domain will show up cheaper and available. I used this trick when I bought the domain for this site because was way to expensive. .com is the best When searching for a domain you mostly want .com domains because they are a lot better

Free Domain

If you don’t want to buy a domain I got your back because wealthy affiliate lets you get a free domain for your website. You can search for a free domain below!

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