Finding Keywords

Lesson 7

Finding Keywords

You now have a content idea now it is time to find keywords related to that content idea. For this lesson we will be using the keyword tool called jaaxy but there’s also other ways to find keywords which we will be teaching you later in this lesson.

What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a keyword tool that I personally like to use on most of my blog posts. Jaaxy lets you search for keywords that are related to the title you search for in jaaxy. They don’t just give you a list of keywords, they also tell you the estimated traffic for that keyword, the competition, the SEO, and if any domains are available.

How to use Jaaxy?

The first step of using jaaxy is to create a account, you can do this here.

The free account gives you 30 free keyword searches, use them wisely.

The next step is to search for a keyword using your content idea/title for your niche. You can search by going to the search button on the top of the page, and then enter your post title or content idea and then press search. Now a list of keywords that are related to what you searched for.




How to pick quality keywords?

If you’ve never tried to use keywords I am about to give you the best tip to have success with keywords. The tip is to pick quality keywords, quality keywords are keywords that have a good amount of traffic but a low amount of competition. Here are the steps and guidelines you need to follow to find the best keywords.

Looking at the keywords stats like the QRS which is how much competition in the keyword you chose

The QRS you usually want is anything lower than 350 this is because you want a keyword were you can rank higher with.

The next thing you should look for is the traffic of the keyword

When looking at the traffic stat you want pretty much anything but if your starting out I suggest using the lower traffic keywords because less people use these and you can rank higher and easier with the keyword and a good amount of traffic.


When looking at the SEO stats using jaaxy, you usually want keywords with a 70 or higher.

Now you know how to find good keywords for your website. Wasn’t that easy.

Wealthy Affiliates FREE Keyword Tool

When you get a WA account you get so many things and one of the tools they give you is a keyword tool which is very similar to Jaaxy and they work in similar ways but the only difference is that jaaxy offers more like domain name search, and more. The WA keyword tool is very useful and its free, to find the keyword tool look on the left site of the membership website and at the bottom of the menu it should say keyword tool. Finding keywords with this tool is exactly the same as jaaxy so if you haven’t read the above I suggest to go back and read.


Inside WA


Alphabet Soup Technique – Using Google Instant to Find Keywords

Watch the video below to learn this secret technique!


google alphabet

For more on jaaxy and finding keywords click here.

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