Build Your Empire Course Overview




The build an empire course is a course about starting an affiliate business the best way possible

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Here is a course outline for build your empire course

Lesson 1: Hosting

Lesson 1 we will be covering were to get your website hosted and how to get started

Lesson 2: Planning

Lesson 2 we will be planning what to expect and what to plan ahead for

Lesson 3: Niche

Lesson 3 we will take you threw on how to find the most profitable niche for you

Lesson 4: Affiliate Products

Lesson 4 is were your going to teach you how to find the best affiliate product for your niche and website

Lesson 5: Building your site

Lesson 5 we will be taking you threw on how to set up your site for your business

Lesson 6: Brainstorming

Lesson 6 we will give you the best tips on finding good content ideas to write about

Lesson 7: Finding Keywords

Lesson 7 we will be going threw the process of finding the best keywords

Lesson 8: Writing Content

Lesson 8 is one of the biggest days because we will be going over the main pages you need and how to write quality content

Lesson 9: Making Sales

Lesson  9 we will be showing you why you are getting sales and why you aren’t getting sales

Lesson 10: Advertise

Lesson 10 will give you a nice tutorial on how to advertise correctly to make a profit, make sales, and get targeted visitors

Lesson 11: Social Media

Lesson 11 will tell you how to get more shares and followers for your business and website

Lesson 12: Newsletter

Lesson 12 will teach you how to build a newsletter for your site and also getting people to sign up to it

Lesson 13: Creating Products

Lesson 13 we will teach you how to make products and promote them correctly and gain a nice profit from it

Lesson 14: Outsourcing

Lesson 14 will teach you were and who to go to, to outsource

Lesson 15: What to do next?

In this lesson we will be teaching what to do moving forward

Bonus Lesson

In the bonus Lesson we will give you a nice tutorial on how to use video for profit and were to get free to use pics and were to make your own graphics.