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Do you want to start your own business well I can help you

The first step when I created my business was making my website, so if you want to create your own store, or a your own niche site, or if you are looking for a quick way to build a website for a client or a local business. I got you covered because after you read this you will be able to have a full fledged website up and running and ready to make you some money.

Why its important to have a site

Well most of the worlds population goes on the internet everyday with their computers, phones, and tablets so if you started or created a website for your business you’ll have a way higher chance to get more clients and make way more money.


30 Sec


Some important aspects to think about before having a site

When you make a website and want to have success with it you should make sure your website has these particular aspects and I will explain why after.

  1. Fast Website
  2. Secure website
  3. Website Content
  4. Beautiful looking design
  5. Easy to navigate & know what site is about

One of the aspects you really should have is your site should be fast, this is because when people go to your website like most people wont want to wait minutes for one of your pages or posts to load, this is were you can lose a lot of your traffic so be sure to make sure your site runs fast.

The next aspect that you want is you want your site to be secure this is because some people like to hack websites the best way to help stop this is to find a good host that will help protect your site, and guess what.. I already found one for you the tool that I use below to build the website not only lets you build and host your website for free it makes it secure, so keep reading to discover the best website host in my opinion.

The third aspect you need on your site is content because no one wants to go to a website with boring content or no content at all so make sure you have content or have a content plan (place link to content plan post)

When you have a website you should most definitely have a nice looking design, one that will attract people and make people want to be on your site.

The last aspect is that you should have an easy navigation like you display your most important pages and people don’t have to search to find your home page or other important pages. Another thing is people should kind of get what your site is about just by taking a pick at it good ways to do this is have a logo that represents and relates to your website like our logo has the money sign in it so you know this site has something to do with money.

Why WordPress

WordPress is the best place to build a website especially in todays day and age because you don’t have to learn code and hand make the site yourself. WordPress has a sort of drag and drop basis but it also has some awesome extensions that you can download and they are called plugins and you can turn your website into amazing things like your own social network, your own store, blog, and way more.

Lots of new business and big company’s start having more success with their business because they use WordPress this is because WordPress is efficient, attractive, and very easy to use.

What to think about before making a site

Before you create a website you should know what you want your website to be about, so a couple things you should think about is what you are passionate about like if you like basketball, video games, etc.

Another thing is to see if you can make money with what your passionate about most niches have affiliate products which you can promote, I suggest checking out my build your empire course to learn how to find and promote affiliate products and make money.

How to make a site in the next 30 seconds!





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