lesson 6

Brainstorming Content Ideas

Now that you have your website, a niche, and affiliate product to promote now you need to have content for your website. In this lesson we will be walking you through the steps of brainstorming content ideas and pages and posts you should automatically have on your website.

The first way to brainstorm is…

Looking at the news in your niche.

Since were using basketball as an example we would look up the news for are favorite basketball team because our blog is about that team. The next step is to search in your browser news for that team, and there is usually multiple different results so we would want to look at the different news titles and see which one is the best and then we would create an article about the story and we teach you how to do this later in the lesson series.

Another way to brainstorm ideas is to look up other articles in your niche

When you look up articles in your niche you can find a lot of different content ideas and ideas you probably haven’t thought about like how to, and list posts.

A third way is to research keywords

This is because you can find out what topics get a lot of traffic and you get a lot of different ideas of content to write.

One way that a lot of people don’t think of is looking at plr articles

This is a good way to find some great content ideas and titles, I don’t suggest using that article as research or copying them because some plr websites are unreliable but there a great way to brainstorm.

Some places to find plr articles is fiverr there are some sellers on fiverr that sell thousands and millions of plr articles in different niches, but ill say it again I dot suggest using them because they are unreliable and probably a thousand marketers have already copy and pasted it on to there site so plr articles will hurt you more than help you in this business.

Using Buzzsumo to Find Post Ideas 

Buzzsumo is sort of like a search engine except its ranked on the amount of shares that the article has, so one thing i like to do is enter in a keyword or subject i want to write about and then search it using buzz and then it will show me a whole bunch of posts with the highest amount of shares these are the type of articles you want to write because its already proven that people like it cause it gets shared a lot.

Now you don’t want to copy it cause that would make your article not unique and that’s bad seo but what you can do is make it better what i mean by this is if its a number post like 24 ways to make money online you may want go into a lot more detail and if the original post author if they just stated the ways with a brief description then you should not only tell them each way you should explain in detail how they can do it. You can go and use Buzzsumo here.



Make sure to check out our how to write amazing headlines post and learn how to attract lots of new visitors with the right headline.

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