Best Tips To Get More Done


Best Tips To Get More Done Through Your Internet Marketing Efforts

Updating your Twitter feed every hour; Posting fresh material on your blog and Google Plus; Updating your Facebook Page; Responding to comments and engaging your readers; Sending out targeted emails to a segmented audience every two days; Creating new calls to action that convert and so on goes the list of things you need to do for your internet marketing efforts to pay off in the long run. With almost everything needing to be done instantly, is there a way to get more done with the limited time we have? What are the Best tips to get more done as far as internet marketing is concerned?

The best in the market will tell you that you need to formulate a personalized system. One that works well for you and your audience. While this is the ideal scenario, formulating such as system takes time, a great deal of trial and error and it costs money. The other option would to be write a list of all you have to do to ensure that your internet marketing efforts are well rounded. You have to perform every single task on this list on each and every day. That is how you will get traction and increase your client base. Again, this is all well and good. Except, you do not have the time to do everything you are supposed to do, every single day. It is just not practical. Especially since internet marketing is such a broad field that will undoubtedly lead to your diversifying your efforts in order to improve your chances of success. There is simply too much to be done with no time at all to do it in.

Efficiency vs productivity

Many internet marketers simply will not go to bed unless everything is completed in the day. And most have become rather good at it. They employ tools that help to lighten the tasks. It is true, that the more you perform a task, the more efficient you become at it. Tools such as Hootsuite will help you monitor your social media feeds more efficiently; aWeber or Mailchimp will streamline and move those email campaigns along while Wordstream will be perfect for your PPC campaign optimization. But, regardless of how many tools you employ, somehow, you never really get it all done. Or at the very least, you do not see the kind of results you were hoping to see from such extensive efforts.

Focus on the results

This is what all great marketers do. They focus on the results. Yes, you may need to tweet every hour or so, but what good are those tweets if they are not converting? Isn’t it better to spend two or three hours crafting a proper email that will convert rather than sending our three tweets within the same time to no end? True efficiency is all about the results, not the number of tasks completed. So how do you get more done?

Find what works

The trick is to find what works for your internet marketing efforts. The truth, not everything you try will work. Some things most marketers do simply because it is what everyone else is doing. Sit down, analyze your results and pin point one or two campaigns that actually work and focus on those. Put everything else on a back burner.

Best tips to finding what works and getting more done

Clearly define your conversion

In internet marketing conversion isn’t necessarily direct sales, it is what you want your users to do. As counter intuitive as it might sound, it is not always about sales (although ultimately it is about the sale). Conversions differ in different fields. An eCommerce marketer defines conversion as sales; a leads generation website defines conversions as the filled out forms and so on. Once you have defined what conversion means to you, it is much easy to chart a path towards achieving it.

Pinpoint your most converting channels

In your internet marketing efforts, you have developed different channels. You have your blog, social media, ppc campaigns and so on. Smart internet marketers track all these channels and know which ones bring in what kind of traffic. You need to pinpoint which one of these channels is bringing in the most quality conversion. And we are talking specifics here. For example, if you find that your social media efforts are the most converting then you need to pinpoint which platform. Is it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. It will take some doing but by making use of Google Analytics, you can actually figure out what works and what doesn’t. Take your time because this is one of the most important steps to ensuring that you are as efficient and as effective as possible.

Concentrate on that channel

Once you have pinpointed the channel/ channels that bring in the most traffic, you need to concentrate on developing those channels. Put almost all your efforts in building that channel. From most of your budget to almost all your time. Concentrate on developing that channel and diversifying it as much as possible. You will find that the more time you spend on learning and fine tuning that channel, the more conversions you will get. Of course, you cannot completely ignore everything else for internet marketing is an all inclusive sport. You can, however, specialize in a certain aspect of this sport. Fine tune your efforts and concentrate on developing the highest converting channels and you will soon find that you have better returns for your day to day internet marketing chores.

As important as every other aspect of internet marketing is, it is all pointless if almost everything you do just qualifies as ‘busy work’ with no results. You need to think about this differently. Look at it from the ‘result’ angle. Try and find the highest possible return on your efforts. This is how you get more done. By determine what works best and putting a huge chunk of your time and effort towards developing that channel. It is what the best are doing and it is what you should be doing as well.