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Affiliate Products

Now this is the part were you may have to do a little research depending on your niche. So affiliate products are were you are going to earn most of your revenue, what is affiliate products? well it is a product that has an affiliate program and that you can promote and if someone buys it through your site you get a commission.

How to find an affiliate product for your niche?

Well it is really easy but there are different places depending on your niche and what you want to promote.

So in this lesson we will be using the example basketball as our niche to find an affiliate program for us to promote.

Now there’s lots of ways to find affiliate products to promote but I am going to show you the 3 best ways to find affiliate products.

before lets go over…..

Important factors of choosing a affiliate product to promote

When choosing a product or program to promote you have to…

  • Make sure it is not a scam
  • See what other people think about that product
  • Would you buy that product your self
  • Is it well updated
  • Is it well researched
  • Earning potential
  • Are other affiliates having success with promoting that product
  • Do they have good support
  • Do they have free trials
  • How much does it cost


Searching the internet to find the best affiliate products

So the best way I find amazing products and programs is… you guessed it the internet. So to find the best affiliate products for your niche is to do some research

The steps to finding great affiliate products

Step 1 Look at your favorite brand stores

Lots of big brand company’s have affiliate programs which you can promote

Step 2 See what products the store has for your niche

Since were using basketball as a niche we would see if they have any basketball products and if they do we should try to promote our favorite sport teams memorabilia we do this because we don’t want a broad niche so we narrow our website down  to our favorite team were we would only write about that team and the players, by doing this you get targeted visitors to your site and those visitors are most likely check out and buy what your promoting.

Step 3 Sign up to there affiliate program

Now since we found products to promote on our website to earn even more money now the only thing we have to worry about is building are website and creating content for it.

The rest of this article is about 2 different ways you can find affiliate products and programs, I suggest you read them because you could possibly find a better product or program to promote and that might even earn you more money.

Lets use Click bank to find a affiliate product 

If you don’t know what click bank is it is a market for people who want to sell there products but it is also a place for affiliates to go to find products to promote. Click bank manly sells programs and eBooks so since we are looking for a product in a n=the basketball niche we may be broad but this is ok if you make your content a certain way which we will tell you how to do at the end of this lesson.

A couple things you need to know about click bank before we start you have to be careful about which products or programs you choose because a lot of the products are old and outdated, but the good thing about clickbank is a lot of the products have high pay outs

The first step is to go to




The next step is to create an affiliate account and to do this see the steps below….

Steps to create clickbank affiliate account

1. click sign up on clickbanks home page




2. Fill out the account details



3. verify account


Now lets show you how to find affiliate products to promote on your website

First step is to head on over to the clickbank marketplace

We are going to use basketball as an example

so the next step is to look for your niches category in the marketplace


Since we are using basketball we are going to look through the Sports category once you click the sports tab a list of sub niches display and we are going to click basketball




Now only the products and programs in the basketball niche will display

When looking for a product or program to promote you want to look at a few things before you just choose one

You want to look at if the product is reliable, how much is the commission, can I make recurring commissions, is it a scam, are people having success with promoting that affiliate product. It seems like a lot to look for but clickbank has this advanced search that helps to find the best products in your niche, the advanced search is displayed above the category’s and it looks like this…




The main settings you want to look at and change are the gravity (the bigger the gravity the more success people are having with that product) good products have a high gravity because they tend to convert more than lower quality products which would have a low gravity.

The next step is to sort by gravity you can do this by selecting the button that looks like the one below and click on gravity and they will list from high to low of all the products in your niche


click bank


Now here is the part were you got to choose what product or program you are going to promote on your site, now remember what I said to consider above.

So now you want to see what the products look like and you do this by clicking there link and the products website will open in a new page, now you want to look closely at what it says and if it looks good because there going to do most of the selling your just there to bring the traffic to there website.

If you found a product you like I suggest searching up honest reviews of the product and maybe look at forums to see if it qualifies to be a good product.

Now you have a product you want to promote but you need to get your affiliate link and you do this by going back to the click bank search page were you first found the product and you want to click the PROMOTE button and this will open a window were it asks you for your account nickname which you should of created and then it asks for a tracking id. You have to put inn your nickname but you don’t have to put in a tracking id. When you put in your nickname it then brings you to a new page with a special link, make sure you write this down or copy it because this is how they can tell if you sent a sale to the products website and give you a commission.

(the product I choose)



(The window that appears when you click promote)




This is how you find quality affiliate products and programs you can promote on your website with clickbank!

Lets use Amazon to find a affiliate product

I am not going to spend to much time on this because the account creation process is way to long so I am just going to show you how to find your niches products.

So the first thing you want to do is of course go to and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on become an affiliate



Now create a free amazon affiliate account

When you are trying to find products to promote make sure you don’t pick products that are to broad, since we are using basketball as an example we are going to search for basketball jerseys this is because we don’t want to make our website to broad so we want to pick our favorite team, so when people visit your site there most likely that basketball teams fan so he is most likely going to buy a jersey, then you’ll get a nice commission.

I hope you picked a nice product you want to promote on your website, now this product you are going to build your website around so you can get targeted traffic and sales.

In the next lessons we will be showing you how to build a website and create targeted content.

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