Affiliate Marketing Tips


Below is some tips that I want to share with you guys that I have learned over the time of being an affiliate and they helped me become a very successful marketer.

Don’t promote the product just because of the commission

What I mean by this is just because the product or program has a nice payout and commission doesn’t mean you should promote the product or program. Unless you have personally tried it and can truthfully recommend it or you researched the product and know that people like it and its not a scam.

Try the product

When you try the product you can actually write a better review for it and you can actually talk about your personal experience with the product, like if its good or bad, and if it is a quality product.

Give them multiple opportunities

When you put links in your blog post or review of the product you want to promote, you should put more than one link in the post. You should put one on the top of the post because some people might click it right away because its the first link they see on your post. You should also put one on the bottom for people that read the whole post and don’t want to scroll all the way back up to click the first link.

Be real to your visitors

This is a big one especially for me because it helps build trust between you and your community. So if you are promoting a product on your blog or even your podcast and its an affiliate link don’t be afraid to tell your visitors that it is an affiliate link but also that you honestly recommend that product or program because you have experience using it.

Make your images clickable

When you add pics instead of having no links on your image add your affiliate link so when someone try’s to click the image they get redirected to the affiliate product your promoting instead of nothing happening when someone clicks the image.


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Interview the owner

Try to get in contact with the owner and ask him or her if you can interview them for your blog or if you have a podcast and can get him or her onto your podcast that would be even better. This would be a good way to promote the affiliate product. Check out this post to get a free email template you can send to someone you want to interview.

Write unforgettable content

When you make a website to promote a affiliate product or program multiple affiliate programs, you should always write new content to get more traffic to your site, and in turn you would get more sales.

Be patient

When you start an affiliate business its going to take a little time to be able to make some real sales. I suggest that you should be patient and don’t try to rush things because you work wont be at the best. I also suggest to just focus on making quality content and take suggestions from people on how to make your work even better.

Stay up to date

When search engines and the internet keep improving you got to keep up with the latest and greatest SEO tactics and ways you can get ranked higher and achieve more traffic. You should also keep up to date with the development of new tools that may help improve your business.

Don’t recommend products you wouldn’t try yourself

If you promote the product on your blog or email list and you promote a crappy product people will start to not trust you and your blog. Also don’t forget that your site has your name on it, so don’t be that guy who only does it just for the money and promotes scam products.

Don’t promote just one

When you have a blog you don’t just have to promote one affiliate product you can promote more than one at a time, but you don’t want to over promote your other affiliate products you should mainly promote your main affiliate product but you can promote others on the side.

Stop filling your sidebars with ugly banners

One of the things that turn people off is over promotion, like a lot of ugly banners in a sidebar. If you want to put banners up I suggest making a banner for a piece of content on your site that you wrote and have it link to where your review or where your talking about the product. Like I did for my Build Your Empire Course.

I hope these tips help you with your affiliate business because I know they most definitely helped me.

Thanks for reading,