25 Ways to Market Your Book


Here’s 25 Ways to Market Your Book So you have a finished book or eBook, all you have to do now is get your book out there and start making sales! If you haven’t wrote a book or eBook and want check out are eBook course here. Some of the ways listed below I have written related posts and you can learn more about that way by clicking the link and reading the post.

1.Go to Local Book Fairs

This is a good way to promote your book and get people to see your work. I suggest doing some research on some local book fairs or some huge ones like the Harvard Square book festival, San Francisco Bay Area Book Festival, and New York is Book Country these are just a few of the big book festivals that you can contact and see about reserving a table to display your book and promote it which will lead to sales.

2.Do Radio and TV Interviews

A great way to Market your book is by doing interviews but its not great if your camera shy, now getting the interview is the hardest part but the best places to look out to is your local news and radio stations because usually they will try to do stories like on these type of things especially since your local, another good idea is to host a signing and see if the local news will do a story about it.

(For a full tutorial about how to prepare for an interview and how to get one see this post here)

3.Sell Door to Door

One of the oldest tricks in the book but guess what, its one of the best especially if you have a good pitch and are a people person. Its also a free way to advertise and one of the best, I remember watching a video of this man who was a door to door sales man trying to sell this bath product and instead of being all serious he used comedy to make a sale and it actually worked and the couple he was pitching to loved it, so if you can be funny and have a good pitch you will most likely get that next sale.

(Want to create a pitch click here to see how)


A also remember I went to the mall one day and there was this person giving out samples of her book and this was a really smart way to market a book because it got a lot of people interested into her book and then a lot of people ended up coming back and purchasing the book.


Giving out nice looking flyers at populated areas is a good idea, but there’s a few things you have to know. Like you should make an appealing flyer, like using cool colors but not to many different colors, and you should also have a coupon or a promotion displayed on your flyer that they could redeem on your website and this will help get your site and book known and get you sales.

(How to get a flyer designed click here)

6.Advertise on Websites

This marketing idea can be complicated to do because you need to know certain things but you can click here to see a full tutorial. Ad Words is what a lot of people use to advertise there website, and this is a good advertiser if you know how to use it.

7.Advertise on Radio

You should advertise on local radio stations because it is better targeted and more cost efficient. To get an ad on the radio you should contact the radio station asking about the costs and for more info about advertising. Some things you should know is that radio advertisements are usually sold in 60 seconds spots but you can most likely buy 30 second spots and maybe even 10 second ad spots. You should also know the costs of producing one because you are probably going to have to write a really good and quick ad, and also someone who can do a voiceover.

(See a step by step on how to advertise on the radio here)

8.Advertise on Podcasts

Finding podcasts that allow advertisements is kind of hard but I have some great ways to find some. First thing to do is only search for podcasts that are related to your book so you can advertise to a targeted market, the next step is to start making a list of podcasts that have a good following. Then you are going to want to search for each podcast on the internet to see if they have a website, and if they do they most likely have a contact form or an email address you can email. So you are going to want to contact them about advertising on there podcast or even sponsoring their podcast and you should do this to everybody on your list because most likely only some of them are going to respond, and those who do respond you can talk about the price. Some podcast websites might even have an advertisement page on their website and if they do you can see how much they charge and see if they can advertise your book.

(See a step by step on how to advertise on a Podcast here)

9.Advertise on TV

One of the things I hear a lot is that to advertisements cost millions and are so expensive and this is mostly false, the only time it is really expensive is during the super bowl. It really depends on your area like if you live in New York or in Los Angeles you most likely have to pay between $5,000 and $10,000 per month to get your ad displayed. But in a small market you can run a nice little campaign for roughly around $500. There is a couple ways to get you TV advertisements and that is to buy local advertisements for broad cast and cable TV. Like you can contact or visit the websites of your local news stations like fox or NBC and ask about TV commercial advertisements. A good tip is to buy commercial time when a show is on that you think a potential customer is watching, like if your book is about trivia maybe you should buy time during a game show.

(See a step by step on how to advertise on TV here)

10.Create A Website

One of my favorites and I think the best way is to build your own site because it is one of the easiest thing on this list literally you can have your own site up in running in 30 seconds, but the only hard part is creating quality content for it. To get ranked and get targeted traffic you need to write targeted content and for a targeted audience so if one of the main things you write about is fitness than maybe you would want to create free tutorials ad blog posts about fitness and then link it back to your book or landing page for your book,  and when you write posts or pages for your blog I suggest looking up keywords to get even more targeted traffic.

(Learn how to build your own website here for free)


Newspapers is a good way to advertise to an older group because newspapers tend to be read by people over 35 years old. A good way to get an ad in the paper is to simply contact your local newspaper and this is usually really cheap unless you live in a very populated area but if you want to advertise in the bigger more read newspapers then your goanna want to head to their site and check out their qualifications for advertising in their newspaper. But be warned this is going to be more expensive then advertising in your local newspaper. You should also know that the price of the advertisement depends how big the ad is and what page it is on.

(For more info on how to advertise in a newspaper click here)

12.Business Cards

A good marketing strategy is to simply have a bunch of business cards because with your info on it like the url of your book sales page or a link to your blog. Having a business card is good because you never know when your going to meet someone new and when you do you can simply give them your business card and they can potentially check out your website and maybe even buy your book.

13.Bonus or special offers

Offer bonuses or special offers to people who buy your product, this is a good way to get more sales because people like getting more than one product with their original product. Some good things to offer is another  book or  eBook that is short, a coupon to your store like a percentage off of your next purchase.


A good way to make sales is to give out coupons to people for money off your book and this is great if you run your own store so you can make and delete coupons when you want.

15.Get Sponsors

The first step to finding sponsors is to see what company’s that are financially stable that are related to what your book is about, then you want to write down their email addresses or their contact pages. The next step you want to do is write a nice email to them and the email should be very formal and say how much are you looking to get from them what you are going to give them (like a full page advertisement), how many books do you plan on selling, what your book is about, what you are going to do to market the book further and your overall strategy to get more sales.

16.Create Your Own Affiliate Program

You may of been on my site before and heard about affiliate marketing and how I use it to earn money, but instead of signing up for an affiliate program and promoting someone else’s product, you should create your own affiliate program and have people promote your book, and the best part about this is you don’t pay them until they make a sale and then you can pay them a nice commission from the sale. Here is a couple of awesome affiliate program WordPress plugins you can use to have your very own affiliate program


WordPress Affiliate & Referral Plugin

If you make a product and put it on click bank you can choose if you want to have people promote your book and how much they get for making a sale

17.Email Newsletter

A great way to get people to read your book is by getting people to sign up to your newsletter and there is a couple ways you can get people to sign up for free like if you gave away a free eBook when they sign up or a coupon. After they sign up you are going to want to email them some nice articles that link back to your book and you can even add a call to action at the end of the email where they can go and buy your book.

18.Word of Mouth

The most original ways of marketing is word of mouth and sometimes it is the best way of marketing because if you get people to start talking that means your doing something right. Good ways to get people to do this is to make sure they have an unforgettable experience, a good way to do this is to contact them after they purchased your book and to see what they liked and to make a better experience is to give them something for free like a smaller eBook or something with meaning.

19.Get Great Reviews Right Out the Gate

I don’t know about you but when I  try and choose a new book to read I usually want one that has some nice reviews and a bunch of reviews because that means the book is good. There is a couple of ways you can get reviews for your book or eBook right away and the first way is to ask your family to give your book a good review but if your using amazon as a place to sell your book then they are going to have to buy your book to review, the second way is on fiverr there is a couple of people you can hire to review your eBook but they may ask you to pay for the book on top of the $5 job.


This is kind of a weird one and kind of hard to get new customers with but if you get shirts or clothes made with your website url or your books cover or logo, sometimes people may see this shirt and check out your site or directly ask you what the shirt is for and maybe you can get a couple sales from this.

21.Social Media

Social media is a really good way to build a community and get fans if you use it correctly, one way you should use is that Facebook allows you to boost pages and posts on your page and I think it costs $5 a day and they bring you likes and traffic from people that are into your type of page.

22.Do Signings

You can host your own signing and the best way to do a signing is to make it like a huge event because when you do this people will talk about it and tell other people how much fun and awesome it was and when you have another signing more people are going to want to go.

23.Do a Big Giveaway

A good way to get new costumers is have a big giveaway and a lot of big businesses do this to try to get new customers and it works. A way you can do it is make them sign up to your email newsletter to be entered into the giveaway and then you would of course choose a winner. Another way is have them answer a question like something about your book and this could help boost sales because people may buy your book to try to win.

24.Video Marketing

Today video is one of the best ways to attract people especially since search engines liker google love videos and tend to rank them higher. So I suggest maybe do a couple videos about your book or give some writing tips in a video and then link them to your books sales page.

25.Answer Every Question

On your website or on your social media you’ll get some questions on your book, its best to try to answer all of them because people like when people respond I mean the point of social media is to be social with people, so if you get questions about your book or you, you should answer them. Sometimes this can even lead to sales.