15 Sport Affiliate Products and Programs Worth Promoting


Team Jerseys

This is a awesome product to promote because if you have a website specifically about one sports team than you can head over to Amazon and find the jerseys you want to promote on your website, make sure your signed up for Amazons Associates program to make money from promoting the products, if you don’t know what this is and how to create a account the check out this post here.



Sports Equipment

This is a no brainer but it also a good idea. Some good sports equipment products to promote is weights, treadmills, boxing bag, basketball, baseball, ect



Sports Accessories

Some cool sport accessories to promote are workout shoes, workout clothes which has 1000s of products on amazon, workout arm band, ect.



Sport Collectibles

This is another sports category I like probably cause I am addicted to buying old or rare sports cards lol. There are tons of products you can promote and there are also tons of people ready to buy if you promote it right some of the products you can promote in this category is things like baseball football or basketball cards, autographed memorabilia and way more



Sports Memorabilia

This is kind of has some of the same products of what I mentioned before like the jerseys but there’s a lot more than just jerseys there’s posters, books, bats, t-shirts, masks, blankets, pillows, and so much more.



Vertical Jump Training Program

By just looking at this programs website I was compelled to buy it cause you can never jump to high but lets go over why I am suggesting this. The first reason is that they give you a 75% commission of a $67 product so you would get $48.33 now that’s a big piece of the pie that’s why I would want to promote it. Another reason is that vertical jumps gravity stats on click bank is 52.17 which means that the affiliates who are promoting vertical jump is having a lot of success with promoting it. You can sign up to there affiliate program on click bank (if you don’t know how to use ad what click ban is then check out this post).

Commission Percent 75%

Price $67

Your Commission $48.33 per sale


The Black Belt Blueprint Program

This program teaches you jiu jitsu and it is also found on click bank. The product costs $49.99 there also is another product which is $59.99, the commission for making a sale is $16.95. The affiliates for this product is having a lot of success with promoting this program.

Price $49.99 or $59.99

Your Commission $16.95 per sale

The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf

This is another product affiliates are having success with promoting it, this is a great product to promote if you have a website about golf or golf review site. You can find this product on click bank.

Price $40

Your Commission $25.74 per sale

Monster Golf Swing

The commission that you take from making a sale with this product is really good, it is another golf product/program that you can find on click bank.

Price $47

Your Commission $39.74 per sale

Off The Floor: A Manual For Deadlift Domination

This is a work out program that affiliates are having success with and a lot of affiliates like it because the commission isn’t that bad. You can find this product on click bank.

Price $99

Your Commission $51.05 per sale

Point Guard Academy 

Is another basketball program that has a 5.58 gravity right now which is pretty good and there website is well designed. You can also find and promote this program/product on click bank.

Price $67

Your Commission $39.15 per sale

The Heavy Bag Blueprint – Muay Thai Course

Is a course program that teaches you tricks on how to get better with the heavy bag. The gravity and commission for this product is pretty good. You can find this program on click bank.

Price $47

Your Commission $21.18 per sale

Freak Jump Technique 3- Proven Instant Vertical Jump Results!

This is another vertical jumping course that has a really nice website and commission, this product you can find on click bank.

Price $39

Your Commission $23.58 per sale

Pro Handles

Is a basketball handling program that has an awesome 75% commission and has had some good reviews and some well known basketball players have used this program. You can find this product on click bank.

Price $67

Your Commission $45.63  per sale

75% Hot Market Payout! Self Defense, Martial Arts & Survival Training

This a martial arts program also found on click bank and it has a 75% commission and the affiliates that are promoting this product are having success with it.

Price $47

Your Commission $31.75  per sale