11 Best Business & Marketing Affiliate Products Worth Promoting


If you are starting out in the affiliate business you gonna want to know what are the best products and programs to promote especially in the business & marketing category, so here are 15 products & programs worth promoting





This is a wholesaler, manufacture, and drop shipping supplier directory and its one of the best and trustworthy directory’s. They have 3 different products you can promote each a different prices. You can check out salehoo and its prices and affiliate program here.

2.Easy Webinar


Easy Webinar For Online Live and Automated Events


This product helps you easily create webinars that drive sales to your product or affiliate product. You can check out the product here and sign up for the affiliate program.

3.Optin Monster



This is a lead generation software for marketers and it is one of the best, what it does is it creates a pop up box on your website were you can have your website visitors op-tin to your email list or something else.

the commission structure:

  • Basic plan sells for $49 – you earn $9.80
  • Plus plan sells for $99 – you earn $19.80
  • Pro plan sells for $199 – you earn $39.80

4.Blogging With John Chow



This program teaches you step by step on how to build, launch, and maintain a online business and make a huge amount of profit. You can check out the program here, i personally think it is well worth the price to gain access to the program.

5.The AdSense Secrets




I loved this eBook and i love promoting it even more because it was such a good eBook and very well informative about how to earn more money with adsense some of the stuff he suggests is stuff i would of never thought of. There is 2 ways you can promote this threw amazon or threw clickbank. The commissions arent that high but i still highly recommend promoting it because it is truly a great product.

6.Local Mobile Monopoly



This is a program that shows you how to do text messaging marketing but it doesn’t only teach you how to use it but he teaches you how to make money selling it to local businesses, local mobile monopoly is a cool program that i have read a lot of good reviews about lately. You can check it out here.

7.K Money Mastery



Is a video course about how to market and make money by publishing kindle books one of the reasons i recommend this is because he gives you 50% commission now that is a huge plus for any affiliate. You can check out the program here or go to click bank to sign up for the affiliate program.

Here are the click bank stats

$28.06 | 47.0% | $94.31 | 50.0% | 31.71

8.Marketing and Business Books

When your in this niche people like books that help them on subjects like marketing and adwords and subjects like this, you can find books like these on amazon but you can also check out my recommended books post here(coming soon).

9.Semrush keyword tool




The semrush keyword tool  is one of the many great keyword tools i recommend, i recommend it because the price for there product is priced well and the program itself is very well developed and they have a nice affiliate program.




Well code canyon is just one of the like 5 or 6 stores of evato marketplace but they all have the same affiliate program. I suggest this because in this niche most marketers are now using WordPress so if you created a blog review or recommending plugins and themes that help the business owner more productive or help make a task easier you could earn a good amount of revenue.

The commissions for the Evato marketplace is 30% of any purchase or cash deposit threw your affiliate link.

11.Wealthy Affiliate



Now i have personally had experience with this product and my experience is great but my affiliate experience is better i mean whats not to like promoting something you like and earn money. Now the statistics of the possible earnings with wealthy affiliate is

Free account

Starter Members earn $4 for special offer referrals, then $11.25 monthly and $87.50 yearly commissions.

Premium account 

Commissions is $8 for the first special offer month, then $22.50 every month after, and then over a $100 for the year premium membership sale.

The commissions are very worth the time to promote and you also get a dollar for every person you get to sign up and finish creating there account and profile.

and the commissions are not the only thing that is great the program its self is really great make sure you check it out here or you can check out my review here.