10 Amazing Money Making Apps



You ever wonder if you can make a full time income with your phone, well I was to so I did a little research and it turns out you can but maybe not a full time income.

Here’s the 10 best money making apps

1. Feature Points


Feature Points is one of my favorite money making apps. How does it work? All you do is launch the app and the app displays apps you can download for points and once you download the app you are suppose to play the app for a minute or longer. Then you get the points and then you can use the points to redeem for prizes like PayPal credit, Amazon money, and more.

Feature Points

How to setup Feature Points
Clink on this link using your mobile phone and it will redirect you to Feature Points. It will tell  you to download a so install it on your mobile device. Click “Sign up to start earning…”

Then a pop up window will appear and you will have to click the “Let’s go” button then it will redirect you to “Install Profile”

Click the Install button it wont hurt or harm your mobile device.

Wait until it is finished installing.

If you signed up threw the link above then in the referral code box should have a code in it. If it does not have a code in the referral code box enter this code for free points: 93TX4X  Then click “I agree to the terms”

They may request that you download an application to open all others. At first that app is the first app that you are able to download on the list of offers, and the only app that is not locked. Download it to unlock all of  the other applications.

You can now earn points at the get points tab by downloading apps, earn as many points as you want.

When you have points go to the rewards tab and see what you can get.

Since I have started I have gotten 2 $10 PayPal credit and 1 $25 amazon gift card


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2. Free My Apps

Free my Apps is another app like feature points and it works exactly the same as feature points except they different types of apps you can download and different point differences.

How to setup Free my Apps

Go to freemyapps.com using your mobile device

Enroll to free my apps

Download any of there apps to earn credit

Redeem your credits for gift cards and other rewards




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3. Ibotta

Ibotta is a great way to earn money while at the groceries store, all you have to do is open the app and choose the product you want to buy and then when you have bought the product you must capture the receipt with all the products you want rebates on and then they reward you with money.

How to setup Ibotta

First you must search for it on the app store

Then you must download Ibotta

Now launch the app

Now you have to create a account

When they ask for a bonus code you can use mine if you want (it is displayed below)

Bonus Code: ekagiq





4. Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is a really fun and easy way to earn money. It works like this after you go grocery shopping all you need to do is take a picture within the app of your receipt and then they give you points for the amount you spend and they also give you free spins for a chance to win coins or cash. You can redeem the points you get for cash or amazon money.

How to setup Receipt Hog

First you must search for it on the app store

Then you must download Ibotta

Now launch the app

Now you have to a create account

When they ask for a bonus code you can use mine if you want (it is displayed below and when used you earn 5 free spins when you snap your first receipt)

Referral Code: stum1634



5. Viggle

Viggle is a nice way to earn money especially if you like music and watching tv. It works like this when you are watching tv or listening to music open the app and press check in tab and tap the v button, make sure it is quiet and it will listen and figure out what you are watching, then you earn points. They have a whats on tab to let you earn a lot more for points when you check in on a specific tv show or channel.

How to set up Viggle

Download the viggle app here are links for ITunes, Google, Windows

Create an account

Configure your settings. You will have to give them which television provider you have by giving them your zip code. You will also need to provide and input your personal information, such as your birth date and your mailing address in order to redeem and receive physical prizes.

Click on check in to get points

Click on what’s on to see if you can earn more

Go to rewards to see if you can get any rewards



6. Fiverr

Fiverr is a really fun and easy way to earn money. Heres how it it works go to fiverr.com or download the app and create an account, then go to create a gig. What is a gig? A gig is like a job or a task and it is a task that you are offering to do for someone who buys you gig and that task could be anything like keyword research or reviewing there eBooks or even writing them a song or article. Every gig cost $5 but you will only get $4 because fiverr takes a $1, but when you get more sales and reviews you are aloud to have gig extras which are extra add ons people can buy for that certain gig.



7. Gigwalk

Gigwalk is a app were you can earn cash by going to local designated stores and doing the tasks the app tells you to do then they give you cash for doing the tasks

How to get Gigwalk

Go to the app store and search for checkpoints

Download app

Create a account

Start Earning!


8. IPoll

Ipoll is a great survey app and website that lets you answer surveys for a set amount of money, and the cool thing the surveys are about you, and they also give you a set amount for filling out your profile with surveys.

How to get Ipoll

Go to Ipoll or search in the app store and search for the app Ipoll

Create a account and start answering surveys

Redeem it for cool prizes like PayPal and amazon gift cards



9. CheckPoints

Checkpoints is a app that you can earn points by check-in at places or by watching videos, the cool part about this app is that you can use your points to use a slot machine where you can get a chance to win a lot more points.

How to get CheckPoints

Go to the app store and search for checkpoints

Download app

Create a account

Start Earning!



10. Shopkick

Shopkick is a cool app that lets you get points by just walking into stores and than it lets you scan products to earn even more. You can redeem your points for some cool prizes like gift cards to a moped.

How to get Shopkick

Download the app here

Create an Account

Make sure they have access to your location so they can give you points for going into stores

Start Earning


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